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Tell Others About The Learning Community

You know The Learning Community offers tons of free parenting resources parents can really use.  But do your friends and coworkers?  We need your help to get the word out: because parenting isn't easy, and we all could use a little help.

Here are 4 great ways to spread the news:

  1. Distribute flyers.  Just open the PDF, print it out, make copies and pin on your favorite bulletin board.
  2. Subscribe to the Parent Power eNewsletter and forward it to a friend.
  3. Use the social bookmarking tool on your favorite Tips for Parents page and share the article with other educators and parents in your network.
  4. Send this email text to friends, parents and educators: "Dear Friend, I know parental involvement in education is important to you so I thought you would like to know about this website:

    Parent involvement is the key to a child’s success—in school and in life. The Learning Community website is comprehensive, free, and without any agenda (other than helping parents). Peruse the website and, if you think the information is helpful, please share with school board members, principals, teachers, parents and others.

    DID YOU KNOW? The Learning Community website is available 24/7 to be a silent partner in the parenting process. Why? Because parenting isn't easy. The Learning Community is sponsored by ORNAMENTS TO REMEMBER."

Thanks for your help!


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