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Helping Preschoolers Cope with Death

Books for For Pre-school and Early Elementary School Children

Books for Pre-school and Early Elementary School Children dealing with death

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"Perhaps a child you know is facing the death of a loved one. Adults often fear that children are too fragile to face the reality of death. Actually, most children are emotionally strong and want to know about death. The truth helps them understand what is real, and what is imaginary. Just like adults, children need to be able to feel pain, mourn, and grow."

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Dealing With Death

"The death of a loved one is never easy, but it can be especially hard for your child to lose a close friend or a family member. Even the death of the family pet-which is often the first time a child has to deal with death-can be a confusing and scary experience for a child."

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Talking To Children About Death

"If you are concerned about discussing death with your children, you’re not alone. Many of us hesitate to talk about death, particularly with youngsters. But death is an inescapable fact of life. We must deal with it and so must our children; if we are to help them, we must let them know it’s okay to talk about it."

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Helping Your Child Deal With Death

"How much kids can understand about death depends largely on their age, life experiences, and personality. But there are a few important points to remember in all cases."

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Tips for Parents: When a Mommy or Daddy Dies

In Tips for Parents: When a Mommy or Daddy Dies, learn how to help yourself and your children grieve and cope in a healthy way when your spouse passes away. 

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