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Boy with 3D glasses.  Children and Media.

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Young Kids and Media - Free Parenting Resources

Center for Media Literacy

Information about choosing quality TV programming and movies.  Features a resource catalog, reading room, media and values department, professional development area, and information about media related issues from advertising and commercialism to visual literacy. Also available in Spanish.

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Coalition for Quality Children's Media

This website offers information on family film festivals and movies.  Parents can train to be a CACM Juror and watch and rate movies for the coalition.  Jurors keep the movies they rate.

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Comcast Parental Controls

Specific parental control information for Comcast customers, and useful links to non-profit parental controls organizations.

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Commonsense Media

Provides family-style reviews for movies, books, games, music, TV, and web sites.  Features “Top Picks.”  Sorted by genre and age category.  Also offers a newsletter, blog, resources, and a “Take Action” department.

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Entertainment Software Rating Board

Includes a Games Rating and Descriptor Guide, and a resources page with tips and additional parenting resources. 

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Family Style

A film guide website with recommended films for families, detailed reviews of movies currently in theaters, and movies recently released on video.  Charts violence, sex, nudity, profanity, and drugs/alcohol and goes into detail about what you can expect to see. 

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Influence of Media Violence on Children

According to the AAP statement, exposure to and the influence of media violence directly correlates to violent behavior. 

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Media Family

With tips and facts about children and media violence, the effects of video game playing on children, and computer and video game addiction.

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Public Broadcasting Service

PBS features a host of quality television programming for the family and an exciting website for kids.  They can play games with their favorite characters such as Clifford, the Teletubbies, and Arthur.

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Take Charge! Smart Choice for Your Cox Digital Home

A guide from Cox that shows parents how to take charge of the television, telephone, and internet content their children see at home.

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The Movie Mom

"The Movie Mom" is a blog that reviews movies and television.  This family friendly guide grades each movie or program, lists an appropriate age, reviews the movie and offers a trailer.

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Tips for Parents: Are Computers Dangerous?

Tips to prevent injuries related to computer use.

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Tips for Parents: Children and Media Violence

Understand how repeated exposure to violent media has been shown to cause aggressive behavior in kids.

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Tips for Parents: Family Movie Reviews

Where to get family-friendly movie reviews.

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