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Child Care & After School Care - Parenting Help to Choose a Quality Provider

After-School Programs - Keeping Children Safe and Smart

From the US Department of Education, with sections on the potential of after-school programs, components of exemplary after-school programs, examples of communities meeting the need for after-school activities, and after-school resources.

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Five Steps to Choosing Quality Child Care

From the National Association of Childcare Resource and Referral Agencies.  This website also includes a child care connector, and extensive information about choosing a child care provider, licensing and accreditation, and other helpful tools and resources. Also available in Spanish.

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National Child Care Information Center

Featuring “Finding Child Care Near You,” financial assistance, and information about quality child care.  From the US Department of Health and Human Services.

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National Network for Child Care

With articles, conferences, publications, resources, email forum, and much more.  Topics include child abuse, children with special needs, guidance and discipline, nutrition and diet, and activities and learning.

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Tips for Parents: Latch Key Kids

In Tips for Parents: Latch Key Kids, learn why kids that are old enough to stay home alone still need plenty of parental involvement in their lives.

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Tips for Parents: What Age Can My Child Stay Home Alone?

In Tips for Parents: What Age Can My Child Stay Home Alone, learn state requirements, if any, about the minimum age children can stay home alone, get expert recommendations, and find a checklist to help you prepare your child for staying home alone.

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Video: After School Care-What to Look For

How to find a good after-school program.

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Video: Latch Key Kids Need Attention

Unsupervised children are at increased risk for violence, drugs, and sexual activity.

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