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Stranger Danger Myth - Parenting Resources to Keep Kids Safe

Basic Rules of Safety for Children

Basic rules and tips you can your child should know to avoid sexual exploitation (rape or molestation.)

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Preventing the Sexual Exploitaton of Children

What parents, schools and communities can do to protect kids from sexual exploitation (being raped or molested).

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Get important tips about your child's safety, and in particular, preventing the abduction and/or sexual exploitation of children from this interactive website.

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Tips for Parents: Family Technology Use Policy

Cell phones, MP3 players, TV, the Internet…it seems as if kids are always plugged in. Many parents compete with technology for their kids’ attention, and lose. Additionally, cyberbullying, sexting, pornography, and stranger danger online all present a significant safety risk to our kids. In Tips for Parents: Family Technology Use Policy, learn how to create your family’s technology rules, and enforce them.

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Tips for Parents: Stranger Danger

What the experts recommend we teach our kids about staying safe.

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Tips for Parents: What Age Can My Child Stay Home Alone?

In Tips for Parents: What Age Can My Child Stay Home Alone, learn state requirements, if any, about the minimum age children can stay home alone, get expert recommendations, and find a checklist to help you prepare your child for staying home alone.

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What You Can Do to Prevent the Sexual Exploitation of Children

Tips and common child safety rules.

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Wired Safety

The world’s largest online safety and help group.”  You can navigate by category such as parents, kids, tweens, and teens, or check out the “hot topics” menu.  Offers a comprehensive list of ways to keep kids safe online and when using wireless technologies.  Also features a live help option, a newsletter, and an interactive forum.  Also available in Spanish.

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Yellodyno--Stranger Danger Article

Correcting the Stranger Danger Myth to Avert Tragedy

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