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Parent Involvement Organizations - Free Parenting Resources

Making the Most of Your Parent-Teacher Conference

"You may have met with your child's teacher when the school year began. By the time the conference rolls around, several weeks will have passed; this means you, your child, and his teacher should all have a better sense of your child's struggles and strengths. How can you organize your comments and concerns? Here are factors to consider"

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National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education (NCPIE)

Provides a “framework for family involvement” in parent/school partnerships, a list of 402 organizations to contact for additional resources, a “What’s Happening” department, reports such as “It Takes a Parent:  Transforming Education in the Wake of the No Child Left Behind Act,” and a section for disabilities education.

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National Education Association

Members and educators page with activities, booklists, and professional development resources; a parents’ page with information on parental involvement, parent-teacher conference pointers, and homework help.  Also discusses issues in education and has multiple other resources.

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National Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

News articles such as “Public to Drive School Reforms,” and “Disney Says it Will Link Marketing to Nutrition.”  With a large parent resources department, publications, an “Issues and Action” department, and leadership resources.  Also available in Spanish.

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Parent Teacher Interviews/Conferences

"Tips for Effective Conferences"

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Parent Teacher Organization Today (PTO)

The PTO offers inspiration and resources for parent groups working with schools.  They offer tips and other information for fundraising, getting parents involved, and sponsoring a family school night, as well planning kits, news, articles, and a blog.

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State Laws on Family Engagement in Education

This "publication from the National PTA provides key facts, background, analysis, noteworthy statutes, and policy recommendations for state PTAs and other family and child advocates for crafting successful school-family engagement legislation at the state level. The reference guide has two declared purposes. It provides information on family engagement provisions within state education laws, so that families can better advocate for their children's education on the school and district levels. It also guides policymaker and advocate development of legislative reform initiatives, as well as efforts to monitor implementation of laws already in place."

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The Parent-Teacher Conference: Five Must-Ask Questions

"In order to help your child have a successful school year, you need to know what is expected of her, academically, from now until June. You can find out by asking some questions. Take this list with you to your next parent-teacher conference. And don't forget to take notes!"

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