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Art & Music in Schools - Free Parenting Resources

Video: Be Smart, Include Art

Tips for incorporating art into your child's education.

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Tips for Parents: The Necessity of Art

Why art is a necessity in education.

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The Harmony Project

The Harmony Project is a non-profit organization established in April of 2001 with a vision of serving the cultural and artistic needs of underprivileged children in the Los Angeles area.

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Support Music

“This site offers effective tips for taking action and the latest evidence of music's importance.” With a giant list of supporting organizations and artists, a tool for grading your school’s music program, and tips for taking action.

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Music in Schools Today

Featuring “interviews with young artists, music mentors to answer questions, contests and all kinds of resources to help students enjoy and maybe even consider a career in music.”  Also includes advocacy and research, and a special section for educators. 

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Keep Arts in Schools

Details programs that are working to keep the arts in schools, presents research, lists resources, and has a great “Get Involved” page.  Sponsored by the Ford Foundation.

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Arts for Schools

"Inspiring tomorrow's audiences” with resources for schools, arts organizations, artists, and advisers and policymakers.

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Artists Helping Children

“Take advantage of the huge children’s arts resources pages of kids' coloring pages and coloring printouts, children’s free arts and crafts projects and ideas, paper folding projects and origami project ideas, kids' drawing lessons, articles for parents to involve their children in the arts, articles on how art heals and how to get children involved in community service, how to design and decorate your children's rooms, and much more.”

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Americans for the Arts

“The goal of this campaign is to make sure that you—parents and concerned citizens—know that you are potentially the best and most powerful supporters of arts education. We have supplied you with information and resources on this website that help establish the place of the arts as both a full academic subject area and as uniquely empowering activities that carry over into other areas of life and study.”

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