Boy going back to school.

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Back to School the Easy Way - Free Parenting Tips

Back to School Checklist

Questions and Tips for Parents, Schools and the Community. This guide is actually four checklists in one:  Academic Curriculum and Achievement, Helping Parents and Students, Teacher Training and Quality, and Measuring the Progress of Students with Disabilities.

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Back to School in Six Easy Steps

Six tips for easing the transition to a new class or school. 

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Cures for the First Day Jitters

10 tips for an easy transition back to school.

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Five Ways to Save Money on School Supplies

School Help: How to save on school supplies and what’s a good idea to splurge on.

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Saving Strategies for Back to School Clothing and Supplies

How a little patience can save you hundreds of dollars on clothing and school supplies.

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Tips for Parents: Back to School

In Tips for Parents: Back to School, get 6 tips for a smooth back to school transition and setting a foundation for school success all year long.

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Tips for Parents: First Day of School

Useful ideas to ease your child into school.

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Video: First Day of School-Getting Ready

Help ease your child's apprehension about starting school.

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