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Public vs. Private School - Free Parenting Resources

Financial Aid for Private Elementary and Secondary Schools

This article from FinAid.com, features information on scholarship programs, tuition payment plans, education loans, and alternatives to education loans and payment plans for private elementary and secondary schools.

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Financing a Private School Education

A description of the three main types of financial aid available for private school students.  From the National Association of Independent Schools.

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Public vs. Private--What's the Difference?

A discussion of the main differences between public and private schools.

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Public vs. Private--Which One is Right for Your Child?

This article discusses the benefits and advantages of both private and public schools.

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Social, Economic Make-Up of Community, Not Charter, is Key Difference Between Private, Public Elementary Schools

Case study findings from the Economic Policy Institute regarding the public vs. private school debate.

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US Charter Schools

Chartering allows schools to run independently of the traditional public school system and to tailor their programs to community needs. While not every new school is extraordinarily innovative and some school operations may mirror that of traditional public schools, policymakers, parents, and educators are looking at chartering as a way to increase educational choice and innovation within the public school system.

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Video: Choosing Your Child's School

What to look for when choosing a new school.

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