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Testing & Grading in Elementary - Free Parenting Help

21st Century Cheating

This article, from Scholastic, discusses the ways kids cheat today and what parents can do to discourage their kids from cheating.

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Checklist for Test Anxiety

From, this resource includes a checklist for identifying test anxiety, and tips on what you can do to relax for that next test.

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Test Anxiety

What causes it, who is likely to have it, and learning ways to deal with it.  Includes Test Taking Tips.  Also available in Spanish.

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The National Center for Fair and Open Testing

With publications, a position statement on NCLB, fact sheets on such topics as multiple choice tests, retention and testing, authentic accountability, and “The Dangerous Consequences of High Stakes Standardized Testing.”

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Tips for Parents: Flunking

Learn why "flunking" a student is never the right solution.

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Tips for Parents: More Standardized Testing?

A testing expert, James Popham, makes recommendations about the quantity and quality of standardized testing in America's schools.

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Tips for Parents: Test Scores

Understand why it's important to keep perspective when it comes to test scores.

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Video: Bribery for Grades

Tips to motivate kids to earn good grades.

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Video: Flunking Doesn't Work

Research shows that flunking can actually do more harm than good.

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Video: Grades and Achievement-Part I

Why grades aren't always a sign of achievement.

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Video: Report Card Styles

A look into the difference between traditional and newer report card styles, and which is better.

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