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Kids 6 to 10 - Free Parenting Resources

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The Elementary Years

With a child in grade school, you’re likely facing a unique set of school, development and behavioral issues.  This is the age when children really begin to show their own personality—their likes and dislikes as well as funny quirks and stubborn points.  Now is the time to put down a solid foundation of parenting skills that will set the stage for the challenging teen years to come. 

If you’re new to parenting this age group, just have a couple of questions or need to brush up on your skills, you’re in the right place.  The Learning Community has a huge library of parenting resources and school help tips to get you the parenting help you need for grade school kids.

School Help and Parent Involvement

You’re here because you have questions.  Here’s a quick sample of the questions you’ll find answers to in the School Help and Parent School Involvement parenting resource libraries:

Q: My 2nd grader has more homework than I had in high school.  What’s going on?
A: View our parenting video segment titled “On Target Homework” to learn the difference between helpful homework and busy work. 

Q: I’m swamped at work but want to volunteer at least a little at school to show my child that school is important.  What can I do with my limited schedule?
A: View our Contact the School parenting video segment or check out Tips for Parents: Parent Involvement.  

Q: My daughter is already showing a big interest in science.  How can I encourage her?
A: Read Tips for Parents: Girls in Math and Science or view Encouraging Girls in Math and Science.

More Parenting Help

You’ll also find Tips for Parents, parenting video segments, and really useful weblinks for questions relating to your grade schooler’s health, development, behavior, gender issues and family life


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