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General Behavior of Newborns and Infants - Free Parenting Help

Child Behavior: What Parents Can Do to Change Their Child's Behavior

How to encourage positive behavior, tips for using "time out" and stopping misbehavior.

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Hand in Hand Parent Podcasts offers free parenting podcasts on topics such as bonding with your new baby, support for new dads, recovering from a difficult birth, and helping your baby with colic.  The site also has a number of parenting articles that focus on developing a stronger emotional connection with you child and developing a better family life as a result.

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Healthy Start, Grow Smart Series

Developed by the US Departments of Agriculture, Education, and Health and Human Services, these twelve booklets walk you through baby’s first year of life.  They include feeding tips, checkup information, stages of development, ways you can keep baby safe, and much more.  Also available in Spanish.

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Newborn Behavior

How a newborn sleeps, why they cry, their reflexes, and how they breathe, see, and hear.

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Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Parenting and Child Development Fact Sheets & Bulletins with titles such as “Parenting the First Year,” and “Tackling the Bullying Issue.” All sheets are also available in Spanish.

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