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Sleep Behavior in Newborns and Infants - Free Parenting Resources

31 Ways to Get Your Baby to Go to Sleep and Stay Asleep

Includes a discussion of night time parenting decisions, conditioning baby to fall asleep, transitioning techniques, and stay asleep techniques.

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A Guide for First Time Parents

A description of the basics in taking care of a newborn.

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American Academy of Pediatrics --Sleep Issues

Parenting help with information on bedtime activities, foods for sleep, sleep patterns, problems, schedules, and important information on SIDS.

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Coping With Sleepless Nights

Advice for parents on coping with sleep deprivation and dealing with sleepless nights with your new baby.

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Newborn Behavior

How a newborn sleeps, why they cry, their reflexes, and how they breathe, see, and hear.

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Newborn Sleep Patterns

This article includes a description of newborn sleep patterns and sleep states, a description of alert phases, how to help your baby fall asleep and sleep well, and recommendations for sleep positions and bedding to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  Also available in Spanish.

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