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Baby Safety

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Safety of Newborns and Infants

Baby Product Safety Alert

Includes vital information to prevent infant injury or death from strangulations and suffocations, scalds, falls, chokings, drownings, and poisonings related to common household products and furnishings.

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Baby Proofing

How to eliminate potential hazards, prepare your home to be safe for baby, and practice safety.  Includes crib safety checklist.

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Car Safety Seats--A Guide for Families 2008

From the American Academy of Pediatricians, this comprehensive car seat guide includes tips for choosing the best seat for your child, safety rules, details on each of the car seat types and their use, how to properly install a car seat, a Q&A section, and brand and model information listings.

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For Kids' Sake Think Toy Safety

A guide to choosing, buying and maintaining toys for children and infants. Includes information on toy labeling and the Child Safety Protection Act.

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Healthy Start, Grow Smart Series

Developed by the US Departments of Agriculture, Education, and Health and Human Services, these twelve booklets walk you through baby’s first year of life.  They include feeding tips, checkup information, stages of development, ways you can keep baby safe, and much more.  Also available in Spanish.

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Leaving Children Unattended in Vehicles

The dangers of leaving a child unattended in a car, even for a quick errand, and how kids playing in cars often become trapped, trap others, or set the car in motion.

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National Domestic Violence Hotline

The National Domestic Violence Hotline runs a helpful website and phone hotline for people in crisis and those that care about them. Tollfree number: 800-799-7233.


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National Safety Council

Featuring “Safety and Health Magazine,” online safety courses, a comprehensive resource center with safety issues, fact sheets, a library, and research and statistics.

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Safe Kids

The goal of the Safe Kids website is to prevent accidental injury.  Get information on programs such as “Safety in the Home,” and find safety tips sheets for bike helmets, poisoning, water safety, and much more.  Kids will enjoy the activities page with coloring sheets, mazes, quizzes and more fun.

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The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken Baby Syndrome often occurs when a parent or caregiver becomes frustrated or angry with an infant’s crying and shakes it hard.  The shaking can cause severe brain damage and even death.  Get tips for coping with a baby's crying.

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Tips for Parents: Summer Safety

Get parenting tips on keeping your family safe this summer while out and about doing all of your favorite summer activities.  Including help on bicycle safety, water safety, heat safety, sunburn safety, and stranger danger safety.

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