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As a parent, there are few times in your life when you’ll be asking more questions than the time leading up to your baby’s birth and the 24 months or so after it.  With young children developing more in their first three years of life than the rest of their life combined, it’s no wonder you have questions.  You want to do everything in your power to give your baby the best start possible.

To do that, you’re going to need accurate, helpful parenting resources based on the latest research and years of expert experience.  And, considering babies’ complete disregard for the clock, you’ll likely need them in the middle of the night!

Parenting Help for Newborns and Infants

We’ve compiled a huge list of parenting resources organized by topics relating to newborns and infants.  You’ll find Tips for Parents in PDF so you can easily print and share them, parenting videos and links to parenting websites.  Get started by clicking on the topic below that interests you:
• Behavior —How you can expect your baby to behave from month to month.
• Development —Normal newborn development, ages and stages, and when you should be concerned
• Health —Dealing with common illnesses, when you should contact your baby’s doctor, and newborn care.
• Issues —Controversial issues such as cloth vs. disposable diapers, bottle vs. breast feeding, "Should we circumcise our son?" and much more.

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