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Father listening to his kid.

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Tips for Parents: Listening to Your Kids | PDF

Español/Spanish: Consejos para padres - Escuchando a sus hijos

It’s time to toss out the old adage “Children should be seen and not heard.”  Kids are people, too, and just as we adults need to be listened to, our children need us to be good listeners for them.  Children naturally desire to share the events and emotions of their lives with their parents.  If parents don’t listen, kids will find someone else to share with, and a great opportunity for developing an open, trusting relationship is lost.

Take time every day to listen to your kids. Find out what is happening in their lives. Ask about their joys and frustrations. Talk about challenges they may be facing, and really listen.

If you scold your child during these listening times, or push an agenda you may have, he or she will find the time unpleasant—and may stop sharing with you.

For more information:

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Hable con sus hijos

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