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5K Run for School Fundraiser

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Tips for Parents: School Fundraising Tips | PDF

In a time when school budgets often cover only the basics, many parent groups recognize school fundraisers as a way to pay for sports, computer, music and arts programs and equipment.  And while these campaigns can be helpful, the right planning is necessary to be really successful.  Before you choose a school fundraising campaign, be sure to review these school fundraising tips for parents:

Tips for School Fundraiser Planning

  1. Identify what the funds are needed for, and set a clear goal.  Be sure to state the goal clearly to every participant and buyer.
  2. Choose a fundraising product or program that is fun and interesting to get the most participation.  Avoid the same old program year after year, and do something different than other local schools.
  3. Sell quality products.  Make sure the product you choose is something people would be interested in buying anyway.  Often, the most successful school fundraisers are those that take into account the season.  Ornaments to Remember’s school fundraising program is a great choice for fall, because people are already buying Christmas ornaments.

Tips for School Fundraiser Selling

  1. Have a big, energetic, exciting kickoff.  Kids will be more successful if they compete by class rather than individually.  Motivate them with donated prizes for the most products sold, the most funds raised, the first to reach a certain number sold, etc.  Keep the prizes somewhere visible, as well as a photo of what they’re working for.
  2. Have kids rehearse the sales pitch and role play typical customer questions and responses.
  3. Make clear safety rules: a parent must always be present, don’t carry large sums of cash, don’t sell to strangers, and don’t do neighborhood sales after dark.
  4. A 17 day sales period, which includes 3 weekends, is the most successful.

After the School Fundraiser Ends

  • Incorporate adding up the funds received and running stats by class into age appropriate math lessons for the kids.
  • Have a big assembly to praise everyone’s efforts and give plenty of thanks to all who participated.
  • Request feedback from the parents on how they think the fundraiser could be improved and what worked well.

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