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Two teenage sisters enjoying their summer reading at home.

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Tips for Parents: Summer Reading Programs | PDF

Español/Spanish: Consejos para padres - Consejos para padres: Programas de lectura de verano

Summer is a wonderful opportunity for your kids to continue their learning, or it can be a big brain drain.  Reading during the summer is a great way to keep kids’ reading skills polished—and it can be a lot of fun.

Why Summer Reading?

Multiple studies, as well as the word of any teacher you ask, prove that kids must use the skills they’ve learned the previous school year during the summer, or they’ll lose at least some of them.

Reading during the summer is especially important because it helps kids maintain:

  • Reading comprehension skills (the ability to understand and remember what they’ve read)
  • Reading speed
  • Critical thinking skills (it’s important for kids to ask questions about what they’re reading such as What will happen next? or What makes this character act this way?
  • Spelling skills

Reading is also a way for kids to explore our world and thousands of fantasy worlds—all from their couch, bedroom or tree house.  Kids that read books about animals, science, history, poetry or famous artists aren’t just improving their reading skills; they’re learning about other school subjects as well.

Tips for Parents: Summer Reading Programs Provide Fun for Kids

If you think your child will complain about having to read during the summer, have them consider the fun summer reading programs offer:

  • Suggested reading lists – find books other kids their age thought were cool
  • A reading theme – most programs include materials such as reading journals with a fun theme such as space, insects, medieval knights, or hot air balloons
  • Activities to support the theme such as guest authors, art or craft activities, pajama reading parties, or mini-concerts
  • Prices – most summer reading programs encourage kids to read by offering prizes such as a free book, ice cream cone, personal pizza, t-shirt, toys, or round of mini-golf as they progress towards their reading goals. 

Find a Summer Reading Program near You

Finding a summer reading program is easy:

  • Contact your local library to see what they offer
  • Ask your school librarian
  • See if your local bookstore is sponsoring a program or knows of one
  • Search for summer reading programs online.  Scholastic, Reading is Fundamental and Barnes and Noble all offer national summer reading programs.

Encourage kids to have fun reading this summer with a summer reading program!

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