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Activities with Tweens & Teens - Free Parenting Resources to Improve Your Family Life

Animal Planet's Backyard Wildlife

We've got the tools for you to turn your outdoor space into an animal place.  The National Wildlife Federation will guide you through each step to make your own backyard habitat with this online planner.  Once you've created your wild space, you can have your back yard declared an official NWF wildlife habitat.

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Figure This

Math challenges for families, in both English and Spanish.

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Fun Family Education

“At, you can play games with your kids in our Family Entertainment Center, find arts and crafts projects and after-school activities, and explore ideas, decorations, and homemade gifts for the holidays. Don't miss our game and toy recommendations, and our movies database!”

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Girls Go Tech

A Girl Scout website, Girls Go Tech features science games, technological career exploration, links to other interesting websites, a video competition, and a booklet with tips for parents.

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GORP Family Activities

Great resources for planning family vacations, hiking trips, and campouts.

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Talking with

This site is dedicated to providing parents with the resources they need to talk to kids about anything:  sex, violence, drugs, and more.  Features 10 useful tips, free booklets, and links to other sites.

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Tips for Parents: Setting Goals

Teach your children the importance of setting and achieving goals.

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Tips for Parents: Space Camp

Ignite a love for science in your child by sending them to space camp.

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Tips for Parents: Summer Activities

Fun tips and great resources for keeping the kids busy and out of trouble during summer vacation.

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Video: Space Camp

Get your child interested in science by sending them to space camp.

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