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Helping Tweens & Teens Cope with Death

Books For High School Students on Dealing With Death

Books for high school students on dealing with death

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Books on Death For Middle School Children

Books for Middle school childrern on dealing with death

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Helping Kids Cope With The Loss Of A Parent

"For kids, how they perceive death depends on their age and cognitive development. Preschool aged kids believe death is temporary. Five to nine year olds start to realize that death is irreversible and that all living things die, but think that they are somehow immune to it. Preteens, however, fully comprehend death. "Between 9 and 12, children understand that death is inevitable and affects everyone," explains Dr. Jessica Lippman, author of Helping Children Cope With the Death of a Parent."

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Helping Tweens Cope With the Death of Parent

"The deep grief of losing a beloved parent is difficult at any age, but it can be especially traumatic for tweens, whose personal identities are just beginning form, and who -- even if they deny it -- still desperately need their moms and dads."

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Helping Children Cope With Loss, Death, and Grief Tips for Teachers and Parents

"Schools and communities around the country will be impacted by the loss of life associated with the war in Iraq. The effects may be significant for some people because of their emotional closeness to the war and/or their concern over terrorism. How school personnel handle the resulting distress can help shape the immediate and longer-term grieving process for students, staff, and families. Children, in particular, will need the love and support of their teachers and parents to cope with their loss and reach constructive grief resolution."

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Tips for Parents: When a Mommy or Daddy Dies

In Tips for Parents: When a Mommy or Daddy Dies, learn how to help yourself and your children grieve and cope in a healthy way when your spouse passes away. 

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