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Teen Drivers - Free Parenting Resources and Tips

I Promise Program

Helps you and your teenager develop a safe driving contract.  Also offers reports, news articles, and downloadable videos for teens and parents to watch together.

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Teen Driving Contract

This teen driving contract, from Toyota, includes Driving Conditions, unsupervised driving privileges, driving rules and consequences, and sample violations and related consequences. 

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Teen Driving Issues from PartsGeek

"Teenagers make up about 7% of the total driving population in the US, but they are responsible for 20% of all the collisions that take place in the country. For road accidents that result in fatalities, around 14% of them are caused by teenage reckless driving. With these figures in mind, parents of teenagers who drive are becoming more concerned about the safety of their children on the road. Here are a number of websites that provide information and tips on safe teen driving."

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With tips for new drivers in categories like driving in bad weather, crashes, fatigue, auto insurance, car products, and a Parent's Center.

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Tips for Parents: Teenage Drivers

Tips to encourage your teen to drive safely.

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Video: Encouraging Safe Driving

8 tips to encourage safe driving habits in teens.

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Video: Teenage Driving

How to help your teen be a responsible driver.

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