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Girl Issues in Tweens & Teens - Free Parenting Resources

American Association of University Women

"Promoting education and equity for women and girls.”  Features community programs, research such as the “Girls in Education" series, fellowships, grants, awards, and an issues advocacy department.

Read More Helps Young Girls Put Breast Cancer Fears Into Perspective

"In a recent survey of 2,500 girls ages 8-18, nearly 30% believed they might currently have breast cancer...To deflate unrealistic fears, young girls living in the breast-cancer-awareness era need accurate information and reassurance."  With a video, school assembly program, and links to Dr. Weiss's book Taking Care of  Your "Girls".

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Empowering Girls--Media Literacy Resources

Links to organizations that empower girls and teach them how to be critical of the sexualizing messages they hear in the media.

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Girl Start

“Empowering girls in math, science, and technology.” Features include news and events, programs, volunteer opportunities, and an activities section just for girls.

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Girls Go Tech

A Girl Scout website, Girls Go Tech features science games, technological career exploration, links to other interesting websites, a video competition, and a booklet with tips for parents.

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Girls Inc

“Encouraging All Girls to Be Strong, Smart, and Bold…”  With articles for girls such as “Design Your Future,” “Build Your Spirit,” “Examine, Experiment, Explore” and more.  Features inspirational women role models and a girls’ Bill of Rights.

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The National Council for Research on Women

With information about programs, initiatives, publications, reports, and great links to information for and about girls.

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The Role Model Project for Girls

A role model registry, references and resources, and additional information to encourage girls to succeed.

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Tips for Parents: Girl Cyberbullying

In Tips for Parents: Girl Cyberbullying, learn how girls are using cell phones and the internet to bully and attack one another and the ramifications of these attacks.  Get tips for educating girls about this issue.

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Tips for Parents: Girl on Girl Fighting

In Tips for Parents: Girl on Girl Fighting, discover how physical violence among girls is on the increase and what parents and teachers can do about it.

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Tips for Parents: Girls and Leadership

Tips to encourage and prepare your daughter for leadership roles.

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Tips for Parents: Girls Facing New Issues

In Tips for Parents: Girls Facing New Issues, learn the problems today's girls face, such as early puberty, cyberbullying, girl on girl violence, body image, and sexism and stereotyping in school.

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Tips for Parents: Girls in Science and Math

Learn how to encourage girls in math and science and break down barriers for success.

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Tips for Parents: Puberty Begins in Girls Earlier

In Tips for Parents: Puberty Begins in Girls Earlier, discover that girls are beginning puberty at an earlier age.  Get tips and resources for preparing your daughter (and yourself) for her changing body.

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Tips for Parents: Sexism and Stereotypes in School

In Tips for Parents: Stereotypes in School, learn issues girls face in today's schools that interfere with their academic success and confidence, and understand how all girls schools are helping girls achieve more.

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Tips for Parents: Title IX

Understand how Title IX factors into your daughter's education.

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Title IX

The information campaign site for Title IX, which protects against sexual discrimination in any federally funded program.  Includes “10 Key Areas of Title IX” such as athletics, career education, math and science, and standardized testing.  Also features legal cases, how to take action, and a press room.

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Video: Encouraging Girls in Math and Science

Tips to encourage your daughter to pursue math and science.

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Video: Girls and Leadership

Make sure your daughter's environment isn't keeping her from becoming a leader.

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Video: Playing Fair--Title IX

Using Title IX to ensure your daughter has equal opportunities in sports at school.

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Video: Sexual Harassment

How to teach your child to deal with sexual harassment.

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What Parents Can Do About the Sexualization of Girls

Tips to teach girls to “value themselves for who they are, rather than how they look.”

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