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General Health of Tweens and Teens - Free Parenting Resources

About Our Kids

From the New York University Study Center.  The website focuses on children’s mental health with featured articles like “Does My Child Worry Too Much?” and  “Early Child Development: The First Five Years.”

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American Academy of Pediatrics

This site has a parenting corner with featured topics and parenting resources, hundreds of symptoms, treatment and prevention articles for everything from abuse to working parents, and safety tips to prevent injury and illness.

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Anxiety--Rachel's Story

From Teens Health, this article is targeted to teenagers.  A snapshot of what anxiety can look like.

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Center for Adolescent and Family Studies

Indiana University’s online directory with links to information on conflict and violence, mental health issues, health and safety, a teens only page, publications, and additional resources.

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Checklist for Test Anxiety

From, this resource includes a checklist for identifying test anxiety, and tips on what you can do to relax for that next test.

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Corporate Angel Network

Cancer patients fly free in the empty seats on corporate jets.

A national public charity whose only mission is to arrange free travel to treatment for cancer patients using empty seats on corporate and fractional ownership flights. It’s a simple process and hassle-free.  (866) 328-1313

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Healthy Schools Healthy Youth

Includes a “Summary of Adolescent and School Health Tools,” health topics like asthma, skin cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases, publications, statistics, articles, and more.

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A one stop resource for health information.  The site is divided into four main areas:  Diseases and Conditions, Healthy Lifestyle, Your Health, and Look it Up. With information for men, women, children, and the aged; also features dental information, an “Ask the Expert" area, and interactive tools such as the exciting “A Look at Your Colon,” a “Ball Park Chow” game, and a depression self-assessment.  Featuring Harvard Medical School's consumer health information.

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Interactive Childhood Immunization Scheduler

CDC’s National Immunization Project—“Interactive Childhood Immunization Scheduler.”  Includes useful links for more information. 

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Kids' Health from the Nemours Foundation

With three separate sites.  The parent site offers “Practical parenting, information, and news,” the kids’ site features “Homework help and how the body works,” and the teen site details “Answers, advice, and straight talk” about teen health issues.  Also available in Spanish.

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My Lion-Childhood Cancer Community Service Kit

This kit "Is designed for teenagers and their leaders to step in and make a difference through community service or service-learning."

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National Association of School Psychologists

Follow the “Helpful Information” link for articles and fact sheets on parenting, mental health, diversity, kids activities, and more.

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The Mayo Clinic

“Mayo Clinic's three main Web sites provide information and services from the world's first and largest integrated, not-for-profit group medical practice. Manage your health with information and tools that reflect the expertise of Mayo's 2,500 physicians and scientists, learn how to access medical services, and discover Mayo's medical research and education offerings.”

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Tips for Parents: Kids and Energy Drinks

Learn how drinking energy drinks can make kids and teens sick and how the high amounts of caffeine found in some of these drinks can be high enough to kill.

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Tips for Parents: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Signs and symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a mental disorder that makes a child have obsessive thoughts about germs, cleanliness, safety or school success.  These thoughts often cause them to do compulsive, ritualistic behaviors such as hand washing, checking doors or appliances, or saying particular phrases or questions over and over.

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Tips for Parents: School Stress

Identify the stressors your child faces and learn healthy ways to deal with stress.

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Tips for Parents: Teen Plastic Surgery

In Tips for Parents: Teen Plastic Surgery, learn the most common plastic surery procedures among teens, the risks involved, and what you should consider before making a decision.

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Tips for Parents: Teenage Stress

Identify the stresses teens face and learn ways to help them cope.

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Video: Keeping Your Child Healthy

The healthier your child is, the more successful he/she will be in school.

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Video: Stress and School Performance

Help your child cope with stress.

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