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Teacher demonstrating Sex Ed with a condom and a baby pacifier.

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Sex Ed - Free Parenting Help for Talking with Teens About Sex

Advocates for Youth

Advocates for Teen and Tween Parents’ Sex Ed Center. Includes “10 Tips for Talking about the Facts of Life”, growth and development information, and a “Favorite Features” section.

Read More Helps Young Girls Put Breast Cancer Fears Into Perspective

"In a recent survey of 2,500 girls ages 8-18, nearly 30% believed they might currently have breast cancer...To deflate unrealistic fears, young girls living in the breast-cancer-awareness era need accurate information and reassurance."  With a video, school assembly program, and links to Dr. Weiss's book Taking Care of  Your "Girls".

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Sex Education that Works

With information about sex, STD’s, HIV/AIDS prevention, pregnancy, abstinence, and gay and lesbian resources.

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Sex, etc.

"Sex education by teens, for teens."  Including topics such as girls' and guys' health, deciding about sex, STD's, teen parenting and more.  The Learning Community recommends parents preview this site and approve the content before recommending it to their tween or teen.

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Sexual Development and Reproduction

Factual information you can give to your child about boys and puberty, girls and puberty, reproductive health care and pregnancy.

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The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy Parent’s Information page.  With “Ten Tips for Parents to Help their Children Avoid Teen Pregnancy”, advice, the importance of parent/teen communication, and public service announcements. Also available in Spanish. 

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Tips for Parents: AIDS

Make sure your child receives the AIDS education that they really need.

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Tips for Parents: HIV Education

Get your kids the HIV education they need before it's too late.

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Tips for Parents: Puberty Begins in Girls Earlier

In Tips for Parents: Puberty Begins in Girls Earlier, discover that girls are beginning puberty at an earlier age.  Get tips and resources for preparing your daughter (and yourself) for her changing body.

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Tips for Parents: Sexual Harassment

What sexual harassment is, who it affects most, and why it's important to report it.

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Tips for Parents: The Tween Years

Children between the ages of 10 and 12, popularly called "tweens," have changing physical and emotional needs.  Learn more about what you can expect and how you can support your child during their tween years.

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Video: AIDS Education-Part 1

Find out how HIV/AIDS education might not give kids the info they need to protect themselves.

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Video: AIDS Education-Part 2

Understand the role friendship plays in AIDS prevention.

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Video: AIDS Education-Part 3

Tips to help students understand their own vulnerability to AIDS.

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Video: AIDS-Is Your Kid Still at Risk?

Risk factors for AIDS and what kids need to be taught about prevention.

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