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 Parent School Involvement in Middle and High School - Free Parenting Resources Minimize

Parent School Involvement in Middle and High School - Free Parenting Resources

Video: Reducing Homework Pains

3 tips to avoid homework stress.

Video: POP QUIZ-Parent Involvement

How well are you doing at being involved in your student's education?

Video: Parent Involvement

2 important ways to be involved in your child's education.

Video: On Target Homework

Learn how to use "on target" homework as an altenative to busy work.

Video: Improving Your Child's Memory

Memory is a matter of effective technique and training.

Video: Homework

Why parents should resist doing their child's homework.

Video: Global and Analytic Learners

Is your child a global or analytic learner?  Why it's important to know.

Video: Fathers and Kids=School Success

A father's involvement is a major factor in a child's success.

Video: Contact the School

3 ways to let your school know you want to be involved.

Video: A Parent's Guide to Homework

Learn why the right kind of homework increases student achievement.

Tips for Parents: Your Role in School Success

Learn how to get involved in your child's education in effective ways. Includes homework DOs and DONTs, and 10 questions to ask your child about their day at school.

Tips for Parents: Visiting Your Child’s Class

Understand the importance of visiting your child's classroom and learn ways to find time with even the busiest schedule.

Tips for Parents: School Fundraising

In a time when school budgets often cover only the basics, many parent groups recognize school fundraisers as a way to pay for sports, computer, music and arts programs and equipment.  And while these campaigns can be helpful, the right planning is necessary to be really successful.  Before you choose a school fundraising campaign, be sure to review these school fundraising tips.

Tips for Parents: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Tips to be sure you're prepared for the next parent-teacher conference.

Tips for Parents: Parental Involvement Makes a Difference in School Success

Recent research from the Harvard Graduate School of Education proves that parental involvement makes a significant different in a child's school success.

Tips for Parents: Parent Involvement

Understand why parent involvement is essential to academic success and ways you can get involved.

Tips for Parents: Math

Why it's important to show enthusiasm for math and tips for helping your child succeed.

Tips for Parents: Homework

Tips for ending the homework battle and showing your interest in your child's education.

Tips for Parents: Global vs. Analytic Learners

Learn the global and analytic learning styles and identify your child's preferred learning style.

Tips for Parents: Expectations

How parents' and teachers' expectations for a child become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Tips for Parents: Contact the School

Discover why parents should speak with the school more often than just at conference time.

State Laws on Family Engagement in Education

This "publication from the National PTA provides key facts, background, analysis, noteworthy statutes, and policy recommendations for state PTAs and other family and child advocates for crafting successful school-family engagement legislation at the state level. The reference guide has two declared purposes. It provides information on family engagement provisions within state education laws, so that families can better advocate for their children's education on the school and district levels. It also guides policymaker and advocate development of legislative reform initiatives, as well as efforts to monitor implementation of laws already in place."

“You'll find information for parents on the educational issues affecting your child in every grade level — from preschool through high school. Find homework help, skill-building tips in every school subject, educational printables and worksheets, plus advice on report cards and talking with the teacher.”

Questions Parents Ask About Schools

The research-based tips in this publication provide both practical guidance and valuable information about a range of topics, including: preparing your child for school; knowing what to expect from your child’s kindergarten teacher; monitoring school work; working with schools and teachers effectively; helping your child with reading and homework; and ensuring that your child’s school is safe and  drug-free.  Provided by the US Department of Education. Also in Spanish.

Parents, Check It Out!: Key Things Parents Can Do to Make Sure their Children are Prepared for the 21st Century

Key things parents can do to make sure their children are prepared for the 21st century.  From the US Department of Education.

Parent Teacher Organization Today (PTO)

The PTO offers inspiration and resources for parent groups working with schools.  They offer tips and other information for fundraising, getting parents involved, and sponsoring a family school night, as well planning kits, news, articles, and a blog.

Parent Power Booklet

From the U.S. Department of Education. "By adopting the principles and taking the steps indicated for each age group, you will be able to help your child learn at each step of the way and ensure success in school and in life."

National Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

News articles such as “Public to Drive School Reforms,” and “Disney Says it Will Link Marketing to Nutrition.”  With a large parent resources department, publications, an “Issues and Action” department, and leadership resources.  Also available in Spanish.

National Education Association

Members and educators page with activities, booklists, and professional development resources; a parents’ page with information on parental involvement, parent-teacher conference pointers, and homework help.  Also discusses issues in education and has multiple other resources.

National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education (NCPIE)

Provides a “framework for family involvement” in parent/school partnerships, a list of 402 organizations to contact for additional resources, a “What’s Happening” department, reports such as “It Takes a Parent:  Transforming Education in the Wake of the No Child Left Behind Act,” and a section for disabilities education.

Math Moves U

A super cool site with ideas and games designed to make math fun.  A recent survey found that "84% of kids 10-13 would rather clean their rooms, eat vegetables, or go to the dentist than do their math homework."

Homework Checklist for Parents

The history of homework, how much is enough, how parents can help, and general tips are included in this 10 page guide from the US Department of Education. Also available in Spanish.

Edutopia Home to School Guide

"This practical guide shares tips, tools, and strategies to strengthen the bonds between schools, families, and communities. Many suggestions have come from Edutopia community members who have contributed a host of good ideas in blogs and online discussion groups ( We’ve included a wide range of suggestions that should appeal to parents, teachers, administrators, and other community members who care about improving education."

Character Education

“This section contains articles and resources about character education that are designed for parents and other community members. These are provided as a community service by CharacterEd.Net”

A Call to Commitment: Fathers’ Involvement in Children’s Learning

Prepared by the National Center for Fathering, this 41 page guide discusses the context of the issue, strategies to improve fathers’ involvement in education, lists examples of model programs that engage fathers in childrens' learning, and includes additional resources. 

A Business Guide to Support Employee and Family Involvement in Education

This guide discusses the context for employee and family involvement in school age and teen education, practical steps to take to achieve results, and future local, regional, and national directions for success.


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