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General School Resources for Parents of Middle and High Schoolers

Family Education Homeschooling

How to homeschool, subject toolkits, making the decision to homeschool, making homeschool connections, and books and materials from Pearson Learning Group.

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Kids Health for Kids: Cheating

An article for kids including the who, what, and why of cheating and its consequences.

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PBS's It's My Life--School

This site from PBS Kids Go includes a game called “To Cheat or Not to Cheat,” and kid-targeted advice on time management, test stress, and dealing with teachers.

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Tips for Parents: Preparing for College

Why waiting for high school to prepare for college is a mistake.

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Tips for Parents: School Fundraising

In a time when school budgets often cover only the basics, many parent groups recognize school fundraisers as a way to pay for sports, computer, music and arts programs and equipment.  And while these campaigns can be helpful, the right planning is necessary to be really successful.  Before you choose a school fundraising campaign, be sure to review these school fundraising tips.

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Tips for Parents: School Stress

Identify the stressors your child faces and learn healthy ways to deal with stress.

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Tips for Parents: The Beauty Bias

Discover how the beauty bias can hinder a child's academic achievement.

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Tips for Parents: The Gender Gap in Schools - Fact or Fiction?

For decades we’ve been hearing about the “Gender Gap” in our schools.  This gap referred to research done in the 1970s, 1980s and particularly the early 1990s that indicated that girls were performing significantly lower than boys in math and science, received less attention from teachers, and that more men than women were going to college.  Today, a growing tide of researchers and educators are loudly claiming that not only was this research flawed, but the exact opposite is true.  Boys are the ones falling behind.

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Tool Kit on Hispanic Families

Resources to help students succeed in school.  "This tool kit was developed with guidance from over 1,800 Hispanic parents at Parent Information and Resource Centers across the country."  Also available in Spanish.

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Video: Peer Helper Programs

Teach teens how to really listen to each other and to be bridges to professional assistance.

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Video: Preparing Your Child for College

Why waiting until high school to plan for college is a mistake.

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Video: Silent Students

Understand why some students are silent in class and how to encourage them to speak up.

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Video: Stress and School Performance

Help your child cope with stress.

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Video: What's Wrong with History?

Students are missing key concepts in history.

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