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Providing Parenting Help

The Learning Community is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Our primary program is this website, where we provide free parenting resources to parents who are dedicated to raising healthy, happy kids but who may not have the information or support they need.   Learn more about what we do

Educators and Parents Dedicated to Your Child’s Success

The people that make up The Learning Community are here for one reason: your child’s success.  That’s why you won’t find anything for sale: no flashy ads or subscriptions, and we won’t ever ask for your personal information in exchange for allowing you to use this site.

We’re a dedicated group of educators and parents passionate about giving you the free parenting resources you really need.  Learn more about who we are.

Huge Library of Parenting Resources

We’re not kidding when we say “huge.”  You’ll find thousands of articles, tips, videos and web links to give you the parenting and school help you’re looking for.  But we know that as a parent, you don’t have hours and hours of leisure time to browse everything.  So we’ve organized our parenting resources by age, topic and format to make it quick and easy to get answers to your questions.  If you’d like to learn more about the information in our library, visit our FAQs page. 


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