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What We Do - Free Parenting Resources

The Learning Community is a non-profit foundation established in 1993 to help schools and families work together on behalf of children. Today, our main program is The Learning Community website.  The website mission is simple. We search the vast universe to find you the best, most useful parenting information and resources out there. We bring them to you in easy-to-use formats like parenting videos that stream from YouTube, Tips for Parents that you can view, print, and share, and outstanding web links to health, government, educational and parenting websites with worlds of information that are only a click away.

Free Parenting Resources for Everyone 

We know that many parents can’t afford to pay every time they need some parenting help.  And, we understand that your time is limited.  That’s why all of our parenting resources are free of charge.  We don’t:
• Require you to subscribe in order to gain access to the site
• Ask for your personal information
• Make you wade through ads before getting to the information you’re looking for—we’re completely ad free. 

How can we afford this?  What we do is made possible through the generous sponsorship of Ornaments to Remember.  You can also donate to support our program. 

We Need Your Feedback

We want to be the best source for free school help and parenting resources on the web, and we can’t do it without your help.  That’s why we’re called The Learning Community.  Parenting isn’t easy, and we could all use a little help.  So please suggest a resource you know about, tell us what we’re doing right, and give us tips on how we can make the website even more helpful and easy to use. Contact us


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