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February 2009 Newsletter
Friday, April 03, 2009

February 3, 2009  Issue I Volume II  
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Blog Topic: Early Crushes Parent Podcasts
Child Welfare Information Gateway for Adoption
Parenting Questions and Answers
TLC Featured in Hand In Hand Newsletter
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Monthly Tip for Parents
The recent inauguration of President Barrack Obama has created a big opportunity for parents, kids, teachers and classes to discuss prejudice, racism and discriminationLearn more about this opportunity by reading Tips for Parents: Racism
Resources Added to TLC this Month
Blog Topic: Early Crushes
Romantic interests starts early.  As Valentine's Day fans the blaze of your kids' little hearts, learn what experts recommend about early love.  See more Parent Power Blog topics.

Hand in Hand Parent Podcasts offers free parenting podcasts on topics such as bonding with your new baby, support for new dads, recovering from a difficult birth, and helping your baby with colic.  The site also has a number of parenting articles that focus on developing a stronger emotional connection with you child and developing a better family life as a result.
The Child Welfare Information Gateway offers "resources on all aspects of domestic and intercountry adoption, including adoption from foster care. Includes information for prospective and adoptive parents; information about searching for birth relatives; and resources for professionals on recruiting adoptive families, preparing children and youth, supporting birth parents, and providing postadoption services."
TLC News
Parenting Questions...
The Learning Community Partners with Hand In Hand, a nonprofit organization featuring parenting articles and podcasts, will be featuring a paragraph about TLC in their monthly newsletter, beginning this month.  Their newsletter reaches more than 7000 readers, and we're excited for this opportunity for people to get to know about TLC's great free parenting resources.

How much homework should my child be doing each night?
The National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) recommends that the time kids spend on homework should vary by grade:
  • Grades K-3, no more than 20 minutes a day
  • Grades 4-6,  20-40 minutes a day
  • Grades 7-12, 1-2 hours a day
Other factors, such as reading time, contribute to time spent doing homework.  If you're concerned that your child is doing too much or too little homework, schedule a time to talk with your child's teacher.

My daughter is 10 and she suddenly seems very sensitive and moody.  There's nothing obvious going on in her life that could be causing this.  What's going on?
There could be a number of reasons this could be happening.  The most likely one is that your daughter may be starting puberty.  The hormones that will cause her sexual development start circulating before she shows obvious signs such as the development of breasts or body hair.  These hormones can cause moodiness, occasional sadness or irritability. 
Other causes that you should also consider include a change in social status at school or family changes such as moving or a new sibling.  If her depressed mood lasts longer than two weeks, if she shows a lack of interest in activities she usually enjoys, or if her sleeping or eating patterns change, it could be a sign of depression.  Be sure to consult with your physician.
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