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May 2009 Newsletter
Tuesday, June 09, 2009

May 1, 2009  Issue V Volume 1  
Inside this issue...
Monthly Tip for Parents: Missing Children's Day
Blog Topic: Summer - Polish Up Skills
Parental Involvement = School Success
Sally Ride Science
Parenting Q & A
Tell Others About The Learning Community
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A newsletter with free tips and resources for parents.  Find more free parenting resources online at
Monthly Tip for Parents
May 25th is Missing Children's Day
Take time this month to education yourself about child abduction and sexual expoloitation,  Then, have a couple of coversations with your child to help them understand the danger and learn ways to stay safe.  Take a look at these great resources:
Toma 25 Seguridad personal dentro y fuera de la red.  Temas para comenzar una conversación.

Resources Added to TLC this Month
If your child is struggling with a certain area in school, speak with their teacher now to plan "curriculum" for them to work on during the summer. See more Parent Power Blog topics.

Parental Involvement = School Success
The fact is that when parents are involved in their child's education, the child is more likely to succeed.  This is even more true for children in racial or socioeconomic groups that typically show higher rates of poor grades, low test scores and dropping out.
Learn more:

Sally Ride Science
“A lot of attention has focused on the so-called “math and science gap” between boys and girls. The truth is that girls and boys start their education with equal interest and ability in math and science.  But over time, a higher percentage of girls drift away from these subjects, even though they have not lost their aptitude for them.”  Get the parental guide for encouraging a love of math and science in your daughter:
Meth360: Uniting and Mobilizing Communities to Fight Meth
The Partnership for a Drug-Free America continues to unite and mobilize communities across the country with Meth360, a  multi-disciplinary community outreach program designed to enhance community efforts to deal with the impact of methamphetamine, and rally parents and concerned citizens to take action to prevent meth use. 
“Meth is unique in its ability to harm innocent, unsuspecting people, whether it’s a child of a meth user or a new homeowner unaware that their kitchen once housed a meth lab,” says Mike Townsend, executive vice president at the Partnership. “We created the Meth360 program to show communities what happens when meth takes hold, and to empower them to help prevent the spread of the drug.”  Learn more at
TLC News
Parenting Questions...
Tell Others About The Learning Community
In April, we sent out more than a hundred letters to organizations with similar missions to ours.  These letters detailed what The Learning Community does and asked organizations to tell others about us via their website, print publications or other avenues.  We also requested they consider ways that we might partner with them for the benefit of those we serve.
This month, we're calling on you to do the same.  There are tons of ways to support TLC:
-Link to us
-Tell a friend
-Forward our newsletter
-Bookmark Tips for Parents and share with others in your network
Thanks for your support.  We appreciate you!

I'm not sure if I want to enroll my child in preschool next year.  Is it necessary that he goes?
If your family is low income, it's a great idea to find a high quality preschool for your child to attend.  This may be difficult, especially if tuition is high, so be sure to contact your local school district to see what is available in your area.

If your family is middle to high income, and you'd really like your child to attend preschool to learn how to engage in classroom activities and get a jump on early reading social development skills, a high quality preschool is your best option.  But it's probably not necessary if you can provide your child with educational activities at home and regular play dates with other children.
Learn more by reading the blog topic Is Preschool Necessary?

We just withdrew our fifth grade daughter from a Montessori based charter school and placed her back in a regular public school.  She's behind in math because they taught it so differently at the charter school.  Do you know of some good math websites she could use to catch up during the summer?
Yes!  There are several really great resources on the web:
  • Figure This offers math challenges for families to do together.
  • Math Forum offers math help, problems and quizzes, and weekly challenges.
  • offers tons of fun games to practice multiplication.
For more answers to hundreds of parenting questions, visit The Learning Community website.
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