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Tips for Parents: 121 Stress Relievers | PDF

Life is stressful.  If we’re fortunate enough to have a lot of resources to tap into, such as trips to the spa, grandma always ready to take the kids, or a personal home gym—we may be better able to handle the bumps of life.  But many of us don’t have these kinds of options.  That’s where we have to get creative and find ways to de-stress using the resources we do have.

121 Tips for Parents to Bust Stress

1.    Talk to a friend
2.    Make time for play
3.    Learn to say no
4.    Walk barefoot in the grass
5.    Sit by a fire
6.    Write
7.    Turn off the TV
8.    Use positive self talk, “I can do a great job.” “I can stay calm under pressure.”
9.    Look out the window
10.    Dance
11.    Leave the car at home and take the bus
12.    Get a good night’s sleep
13.    Get up 15 minutes early so you’re not rushed
14.    Enough with the multitasking!  Do one thing at a time.
15.    Get a pet
16.    Get organized
17.    Get a massage
18.    Plan ahead
19.    Call up an old friend
20.    Ask for help
21.    Meditate
22.    Stretch or take a yoga class
23.    Climb a mountain
24.    Eat a good breakfast
25.    Dance
26.    Forgive someone
27.    Count your blessings…make a list
28.    Give yourself a timeout.  Count to 10—or 1000—until you’re calm.
29.    Paint a peaceful scene—in your imagination
30.    Do a good deed
31.    Wear earplugs when it’s noisy
32.    Play with your dog
33.    Cuddle with your cat
34.    Listen to some music
35.    Talk to your plants
36.    Put your feet up
37.    Ride your bike to work
38.    Stop to smell the roses, or lilacs, or honeysuckle…
39.    Read a good book
40.    Cry
41.    Tell someone “I love you.”
42.    Tell a joke
43.    Stop and yawn
44.    Make your coffee break an exercise break
45.    Work a crossword puzzle
46.    Read something funny every day
47.    Sing a song
48.    Relax by a fountain, stream, or pond
49.    Share your feelings with someone
50.    Go to the gym
51.    Roll your shoulders and stretch your neck
52.    Go cloud-watching
53.    Look down at the little things, like bugs
54.    Laugh out loud
55.    Go to the playground
56.    Swing on a swing
57.    Take a deep breath
58.    Go for a stroll
59.    Soak in the tub
60.    Take a nap
61.    Drink herbal tea
62.    Take one day at a time
63.    Take the back roads or scenic route
64.    Use the stairs
65.    Watch a sunset, or sunrise
66.    Learn to knit or crochet
67.    Hit a bucket of balls
68.    Lift weights—you’ll empower more than your muscles
69.    Listen to the birds
70.    Make love
71.    Hug someone you love
72.    Go swimming
73.    Take a different route to work
74.    Keep a journal
75.    Lie in a hammock
76.    Stare into the distance
77.    Daydream
78.    Look at a flower or blade of grass
79.    Wash the car
80.    Look at the big picture
81.    Cut back on caffeine
82.    Fly a kite
83.    Go fishing
84.    Take a brisk walk
85.    Build a model ship
86.    Apologize
87.    Make a list
88.    Break big projects into small tasks
89.    Massage your temples and scalp
90.    Quit smoking
91.    Write a poem
92.    Turn cocktail hour into exercise hour
93.    Write a letter to the editor
94.    Plant a flower
95.    Find someone you’re grateful to and thank them
96.    Watch a really good movie
97.    Spend your coffee break at the beach
98.    Build a model ship
99.    Close your eyes.  What do you see?
100. Watch a really good movie
101. Bird watch
102. Practice your faith
103. Make a snowman
104. Eat dinner out
105. Get some sun
106. Watch a comedy
107. Help someone in need
108. Build something
109. Grow sunflowers
110. Light a candle
111. Do nothing
112. Learn a new hobby
113. Bake some cookies
114. Go camping—even if it is in your own backyard
115. Go on a date—with a friend
116. Sit on your porch and watch the world go by
117. Freeze your credit card in a block of ice
118. Learn to live with the dustbunnies
119. Get an easy-to-maintain hairstyle
120. Trade babysitting with a friend
121. Get a punching bag and box ‘til you drop.

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