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Tips for Parents: Contact the School | PDF

Español/Spanish: Consejos para padres - Contactando a la escuela

Staying in regular contact with your child’s teacher and school is more important than you may think. Your contact helps your child in a number of ways:

  • You become aware of accomplishments, so you can give praise.
  • You become aware of problems, so you can intervene before real trouble hits.
  • The teacher pays more attention to your child.
  • You can help shape school policies and practices.
  • Your child understands that her/his education is important.

For more information:

PTA parent resource page

IOX Assessment Associates Videos:
“ Home-School Partnership: Building Communication”
“Home-School Partnership: Developing a Plan”
“Home-School Partnership: Understand Families”
“Talking with your Child’s Teacher: Tips for Parents”
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