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Tips for Parents: Educational Gifts | PDF

Español/Spanish: Consejos para padres - Regalos educativos

Looking for a new spin on gifts for the kids? Gifts that educate as well as entertain? That stimulate your children’s imaginations as well as occupy their time? This birthday or holiday, break the routine with educational gifts your children will love. This Tips for Parents provides many ideas for educational gifts.

Art Educational Gifts

Colorforms®--Contains three hundred and fifty geometric shapes ideal for introducing basic art concepts. Includes a spiral-bound design booklet and 2 laminated playboards. Ages 5 and older. M7032Member Price: $31.45 each, Non-Member Price: $34.95 each *

Lap Loom-- Learn the time-honored craft of weaving with our easy-to-use hardwood lap loom. Includes an ounce of cotton string, pure wool yarn (enough to complete one project), a tapestry needle, two shed sticks, a six-inch shuttle, and illustrated instructions. Winner of a Teacher's Choice Award.. Ages 7 and older. M8099Member Price: $35.95 each, Non-Member Price: $39.95 each*

Legendary Dragon Construction Kit-- The kit includes 148 wooden pieces, a stand, 4 tubes of paint, 2 paint brushes, gold glitter paint, topaz-colored eyes, a red feather tongue, and illustrated instructions. Awarded Toy of the Year by Creative Child Magazine. Ages 10 and older.
M8076, Member Price: $17.95 each, Non-Member Price: $19.95 each*

Craft Master Art Projector-- Place a flat object or image on the table, set the art projector over it, darken the room, focus the lens, and the image magically appears on the wall. Note: not designed for use with slide transparencies. For ages 8 and up, with adult supervision. $29.95**

Music Educational Gifts

Auditective: Audio Bingo--Your child can discover the world of music by associating pictures with the sounds and melodies of fifty musical instruments. Includes compact disc, 24 game cards, paperback book, 200 chips, control sheet, and plastic carrying case. Ages 6 and older. M4064,Member Price: $22.45 each, Non-Member Price: $24.95 each*

Piano Stepper-- Kids can compose their own music or dance to one of fifteen pre-recorded familiar tunes on this oversized piano mat. Sixteen brightly-colored pieces fit together to form the instrument, and soft padded keys make it easy to play. Soft foam. 41 3/4 in. x 30 x 1/2 in. Includes songbook and 2 AA batteries (required). Ages 4 and older. M4287, Member Price: $31.50 each, Non-Member Price: $35.00 each*

Rock Tumbler--This kit includes a rock tumbler, an 8 oz. bag of gemstone rocks, 2 bags of coarse and fine grinding powder, 2 bags of polishing powder, assorted ornaments, key chains, and more. Ages 10 and older. Rock TumblerM8169Member Price: $53.95 each Non-Member Price: $59.95 each*

Car Design Workshop--Included are 10 pages of different car and truck bodies to trace, 2 pages of accessories (tires, mirrors, steering wheels, roof racks), 2 pages of stickers (numbers, racing stripes, and other ultra-cool finishing touches), 12 colored pencils, an eraser, heavy vellum paper, and helpful instructions. Use Metallic Colored Pencils to make custom paint jobs gleam. For ages 9 and up. $24.95**

Podz Insect Habitat--You can configure this see-through environment any way you wish from the 50 included pieces, then safely and humanely watch insects go through their day - grow, eat, and interact with each other. Podz offer adequate ventilation, room for moisture and food, and a chance for us to appreciate and respect the phenomenon that is insect life. $19.95 **

Educational Games

Dancing Eggs Game--With these bouncing rubber eggs around, it's impossible for a day to fall flat. How can it, when children are racing around carrying eggs in the oddest places - under the chin, in the crook of an elbow, between their knees - and laughing uproariously as all kinds of other acrobatics are called for by a roll of this game's big wooden dice. Never fails to eggnite the fun for 2-4 players ages 5 and up.  $16.95**

United States Bingo-- Twelve cards, each a geographical region of the U.S. containing 4 or 5 states, are distributed amongst the players. Players draw tiles (72) and try to match them with the pictorial landmarks illustrated on their cards. When the cards are filled - "BINGO!" Each state's capital, flower, bird, nickname, and motto are listed on the back of the cards so players can quiz each other on these additional nuggets of information. Educational and fun for ages 5 and up. $14.95**

*From the Metropolitan Museum of Art

**Available online at Hearthsong

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