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Three children putting items into recycle bin.  Environmental education.

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Tips for Parents: Environmental Education | PDF

Español/Spanish: Consejos para padres - La educación sobre el medio ambiente

Environmental Education First Begins at Home

Teach your children how to conserve the earth’s resources by reducing water usage, shutting off lights when not in the room, and letting them be in charge of the recycling. Let them help you choose products at the supermarket that use less packaging, or recycled packaging, and show them the importance of purchasing organic.

You may also choose to discuss the earth friendliness of adopting a vegetarian diet and walking, biking, or taking public transportation rather than driving.

Speak with your child’s teachers and learn what part environmental education plays in the classroom. Encourage your children’s teachers to implement earth-friendly practices in the school and emphasize a curriculum that can help kids become more “green”.

For more information:

Educational Development Specialists--Ask for the “Think Earth” program:
5318 E. 2nd Street #512 Long Beach, CA 90803 Phone: 562-434-6225 Fax: 562-434-7551

National Resources Defense Council’s Green Living Page.

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