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Mother and son watching a family friendly movie together.

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Tips for Parents: Family Movie Reviews | PDF

Choosing a movie appropriate for the entire family has never been easier. With all of the resources now available, there’s no more need to sit through a movie covering your children’s eyes or asking them to plug their ears.

The MPAA’s ( Motion Picture Association of America) Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) now reviews each movie coming out in theatres and provides specific information about the content of each film.

Additionally, there are a number of good organizations online that review and rate movies with a specific focus on quality family entertainment without objectionable content.

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Español/Spanish:  El sitio de web de el organización PauseParentPlay donde se puede usar y aprender de las herramientas disponibles que ayudan a los padres controlar lo que vean, lo que escuchan y lo que juegan a sus niños.

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