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Tips for Parents: Girls Facing New Issues | PDF

Preteen/tween and teenage girls today face many issues previous generations never had to deal with.  Some issues are familiar in part, but have become much larger problems for our girls.  They affect their bodies, minds, education and friendships and shouldn’t be ignored.  In this Tips for Parents, you’ll learn more about them, and get ideas for communicating about them with your daughter.

Puberty Begins Earlier

Girls are beginning puberty at an earlier age.  Many of today’s girls will begin breast development at age seven or eight and may begin to menstruate just two or three years later.  Parents may not expect their girl to mature this early and may not prepare her for the changes her body will be going through.  Read Tips for Parents: Puberty Begins in Girls Earlier to learn more about how to prepare your daughter.

Girl on Girl Fighting

Parents and teachers must face the fact that girls today can be just as nasty than boys—sometimes even nastier—and must take steps to discourage fighting and violence between girls.  Begin by educating yourself on what causes these issues, and then talk often with your daughters or students.  Get started with Tips for Parents: Girl on Girl Fighting.

Girl Cyberbullying

When a girl is cyberbullied, she is attacked by peers using technology.  These rumors and attacks can take on a life of their own and overnight cause a girl with many friends to be completely ignored or outright mocked or attacked by everyone she knows her age.  Recent news articles tell stories of girls being so hard hit by these attacks that they have committed suicide.  In Tips for Parents: Girl Cyberbullying, learn what you can do to educate girls about and help prevent cyberbullying.

Body Image

You’ve likely heard quite a bit about how the media makes girls feel about how they look.  But you may be unaware of just how much this affects the girls in your life.  Yes, the media is largely to blame.  But as parents and teachers, there is much we can do to offset its influence on our girls.  Discover how you can help girls overcome these powerful messages in Tips for Parents: Girls’ Body Image.

Sexism and Stereotypes in School

The fact that girls are at a disadvantage to boys at school isn’t news.  Women and girl advocacy groups have been working for decades to make sure girls get equal opportunity in education.  But you may be interested to know how school currently inhibits your daughter and what you can do about it.  Read Tips for Parents: Girls—Sexism and Stereotypes in School.

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