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Tips for Parents: Girl on Girl Fighting | PDF

“Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.”  For many girls in our country, this saying doesn’t apply.  Increasingly, girls are fighting verbally, physically and socially for their own dominance in a neighborhood, school or social circle.

This behavior begins late in elementary school, where girls may make fun of others, talk behind each others’ backs, spread false rumors, ignore or purposely exclude other girls.  By late middle school and into high school, behavior often escalates--socially crippling a girl or even physical violence.  Experts note that girls are more vicious than ever before, and will fight harder and longer than boys—even after police or school administrators are called.

Some youth social circles condone and encourage this type of behavior—recent examples of girl fights being broadcast on YouTube illustrate these fights—some of which have caused girls permanent physical and emotional disability.

Parents and teachers must face the fact that girls can be just as nasty than boys—sometimes even nastier—and must take steps to discourage fighting and violence between girls.  Begin by educating yourself on what causes these issues, and then talk often with your daughters or students.  Here is a great resource to get started:’s Understanding Girls’ Social Lives

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