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Tips for Parents:  Magazine Gifts | PDF

Español/Spanish: Consejos para padres - Las revistas como regalo

Trying to think of holiday gifts that hold up longer than a few weeks?  What would you say to a gift that gives your child hours of enjoyment, interesting information, laughter, and opportunities to be creative?  A magazine subscription may be the answer. This Tips for Parents provides lots of ideas for magazine gifts.

Magazines are a wonderful way to provide entertainment for your children.  They encourage reading, are current and informative, and make economical gifts.  And if your kids are like most children, they love to get mail.

You can help get your children involved in reading by choosing a magazine for bedtime stories, discussing articles during dinner conversations, or encouraging them to write letters to the editor.

Magazines for Every Kid

There are dozens of magazines available for young people, with topics ranging from film-making to health, space exploration to consumerism.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Ask : Arts and Sciences for Kids  Features puzzles, riddles, cartoons, articles and more inviting readers ages 6-9 to explore the world's greatest artists, inventors and other thinkers.
  • Calliope World History for Young People  Designed to help readers between the ages of 9-15 understand how historical events intertwine, each issue of Calliope is devoted to one theme in world history. The web site lists current and upcoming themes and links to theme-related web sites and others of interest to children and teachers.
  • Faces : Peoples, Places and Cultures Geared for children ages 9-14, this magazine provides historical information about places in the news, colorful photos, maps and activities to help young people increase their knowledge of world cultures.
  • Jack and Jill  Published by the Children's Better Health Institute, this monthly/bimonthly magazine is geared to children between the ages of 7 and 10. It features current event and other special interest stories, as well as "things to do" and "jokes and riddles."
  • Odyssey  The web site for "The science magazine for young adventurers!" Includes information about the current issue, sections on science news, science fun, a teachers guide, and links to webcams around the world! (Recommended for ages 10-16.)
  • Stone Soup This international magazine is written and illustrated by children between the ages of 8 and 13. The web site includes examples of the stories, poems, artwork and book reviews that appear in sample issues, project ideas and guidelines for contributing to the magazine.
  • U.S. Kids Published eight times a year by the Children's Better Health Institute, U.S. Kids is a magazine about kids ages 6-10. Readers will find stories about the achievements of kids their own age, puzzles, games, and opportunities to contribute to the magazine, as well. The web site for the magazine also features activities for kids.

For a more comprehensive list of magazines available for kids, read Magazines Recommended for Use with Children.

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