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Tips for Parents: Parental Involvement Proven to Improve Academic Success | PDF

In 1993, The Learning Community was founded with the mission to encourage families and schools to work together on behalf of children.  Key to that mission was providing parents and educators with resources to improve parental involvement in kids’ educations.  After years of working as a school principal and educational consultant, TLC’s founder Dr. Sarah Stanley had seen first hand the positive benefits of parents being involved in their children’s homework and classrooms.

Recently, the Harvard Family Research Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education released Family Involvement Makes a Difference in School SuccessThis research shows a strong connection between parental involvement and student success and indicates that “family involvement supports all children, especially those less likely to succeed in school.”  It also found that:

  • “Family involvement promotes school success for every child of every age.”
  • “Family involvement helps children get ready to enter school.”
  • “Family involvement promotes elementary school children's success.”
  • “Family involvement prepares youth for college.”

Some specific findings from the report:

  •  “Children whose parents teach them how to write words are able to identify letters and connect them to speech sounds.”
  • "Children whose parents provide support with homework perform better in the classroom.”
  • “Youth whose parents are familiar with college preparation requirements and are engaged in the application process are most likely to graduate high school and attend college.”
  •  “Low-income African American children whose families maintained high rates of parent participation in elementary school are more likely to complete high school.” 

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