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Girl on campus preparing for college.

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Tips for Parents: Preparing for College | PDF

Español/Spanish: Consejos para padres - Preparándose para cuando su hijo vaya a la universidad

There are two big areas you need to consider as you help your child prepare for college: finances and academics. And you’ll need to begin working on these areas much earlier than you think.

To be sure, most parents find preparing for the financial expenses of college daunting. Begin saving early, take advantage of government programs that allow you to save tax free, and find out what kind of financial aid will be available when the time for college arrives.

Academically, the better a student excels in high school, the greater the number of colleges available to her/him. A high GPA and impressive test scores also help students win scholarships and grant opportunities.

So--if you haven’t started, begin preparing right away.

For more information:

U.S. Department of Education tips for preparing for college, choosing a college, applying for college, funding, attending, and repaying loans.  

U.S. Department of Education Office of Under-Secretary, Planning and Evaluation Service Preparing Your Child for College: A Resource Book for Parents


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