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Tips for Parents: The Necessity of Art | PDF

Español/Spanish: Consejos para padres - La necesidad del arte

The Center on Education Policy reports that since the passing of the NCLB act, 22% of schools have “reduced instructional time for art and music.” 

According to the Arts Education Partnership, “The arts provide the skills and knowledge students need to develop the creativity and determination necessary for success in today’s global information age.”

In today’s growing technological economy, it might be easy to underestimate the importance of the arts.  Consider, however, the influence the arts have in architecture, city planning, and multimedia industries.

With all this talk about economics and technology, let’s not forget the cultural and historical importance of art itself.

For more information on the importance of the arts in your child’s education:

National Arts Education Public Awareness Campaign

Northwest Regional Educational Library’s Online Arts Resources for classroom teachers, arts specialists, students, and parents. 

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