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Tweens and Teens - Free Parenting Resources

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Parenting Help for Ordinary Folks

If you’re a Super Parent with the ability to read your teen’s mind and be in more than one place at a time while invisible, stop here.  All of the rest of you read on for some great free parenting help you're going to need.

While superhero powers certainly would come in handy when parenting a tween or teen, the fact is most of us have to use ordinary powers when helping our kids through the challenging teen years.  These include wisdom, insight, patience, love, the ability to seek out good parenting advice and information, patience and…did we say patience?

The Challenge of the Teen Years

Raising happy, well adjusted and successful kids is a tough job and we know that most parents appreciate a little help.  So we’ve put together hundreds of Tips for Parents, parenting video segments and weblinks to give you really useful parenting information and advice. Here’s just a sampling of the topics they cover:

Teenage Drivers AIDS I, II, III Bullying
Unpopular Kids Media Violence
Teenage Tastes
Preparing for College Volunteering
Drinking Eating Disorders Teen Curfews
Girls and Science Chores and Allowance Gangs I, II, III

Behavior: Instant Change not Typical

Responsible, respectful preteens and teens don’t happen overnight.  They’re the product of years of consistent expectations, steady discipline, and tons of love, respect, and support.  If your teen is really pushing the limits, we recommend you begin with our Tips for Parents article Discipline: Lovingly in Charge.

Parent School Involvement

Some parents think that once their children are in late middle school or high school, the PTA meetings, parent teacher conferences, and school volunteer time is no longer necessary.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Tweens and teens need continuing support from you to succeed in school.  For ideas on how to give your kids homework and other school help, be sure to check out our Parent School Involvement resources.


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