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Dropping Out - Free Parenting Help to Keep Your Teen in School

America's Promise Parent Engagement Toolkit

"This toolkit also is a resource for Dropout Summit conveners and community leaders bringing the parent voice into the planning process and the development of local and state action plans addressing the dropout crisis."

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The National Dropout Prevention Centers

With news, publications, model programs, family/student resources, and a separate center for students with disabilities.

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Tips for Parents: Keeping Kids in School

Identify the warning signs that a child may drop out and get the resources you need to keep your kid in school.

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Video: College Dropouts

Why students drop out of college.

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Video: Dropping Out-Don't Let Your Child Be Next

Two things you can do to keep your child from dropping out.

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Video: Dropping Out-What Parents Can Do

What parents need to know to keep kids in school.

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